5-Frame Medium Nuc / Queen Castle

An inexpensive and quick-to-assemble 5-frame medium nuc box that can be easily converted to a 2×2 queen castle. These are lightweight and great for hiving swarms.

This model uses a combination of 3D printed parts and 15/32 plywood, which is available at Home Depot in the US.

Saw guides are included for easy cutting. Simply print the guides and use to align your table saw fence for the appropriate width for the top, sides, and bottom. Cut to 19 1/8″ length (or use a frame, from ear to ear, to set your table saw fence).

The feeding shelf allows for easy feeding of sugar syrup using an inverted mason jar.

Assemble using TiteBond 3 (between floor and sides) and construction adhesive (between printed parts and plywood).