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Centrifuge Adapter

This device allows you to convert a drill press (or even a hand-held drill) into a centrifuge which is suitable for extraction of pollen grains from honey samples.

Print in your favorite filament at 50% or more infill for strength. A standard 1/4″ (6.5 mm) driver bit is press fit for attachment to a drill.  

This centrifuge is designed for use with standard 15ml centrifuge tubes.

To use, add 2ml of honey to a centrifuge tube and fill with warm deionized or distilled water. Shake until the honey is fully dissolved, and then press into the cylindrical adapter as shown. If you are only testing one sample, fill a second tube with water and insert into the centrifuge in order to maintain balance. 

Spin at no more than 300RPM for 60-90 seconds. Pollen and other solids will accumulate at the bottom of the tube.

Carefully remove the supernatant from the tube using a pipette, being careful to not disturb the solids at the bottom of the tube. Fill the tube with deionized or distilled water, shake, and run through a second centrifuge cycle.

You’re now ready to make a slide and begin to explore the incredible hidden world of pollen microscopy. The photo below was created using the procedures described here with a low-cost compound microscope.

WARNING! If the centrifuge is used at high speeds, it may fail causing a significant hazard to anyone standing nearby. Do not exceed 300RPM. Wear eye protection while using this. Be safe and use at your own risk.  

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